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CFCentOS7: A Lucee (ColdFusion) and DB2 development virtual machine

CFCentOS7 is a VMWare  VirtualBox image (aka, appliance) of a pre-configured Linux system for developers.

Why ColdFusion ? If you have to ask, just give it a try. It’s by far the fastest way to write code and deploy web based, database driven applications.

System configuration:

  • CentOS 7 (minimal, with yum installs, 2GBRAM, 2 core CPU which you can change): This is a version of RHEL – one of the most widely used Linux in business and government.
  • IBM DB2-C Express 11.1: Like above, DB2 is widely used and support is plenty. It can handle big data, NoSQL, and pretty much everything else. This version is free without DB size limits 15TB user limit – but 2 CPU and 16GB RAM limit, which is more than enough for most applications.
  • Lucee 5: This is the free version of the fastest way to develop and deploy web applications. I challenge anybody to develop faster apps, with less code, with more built-in security, and better performance. That equals time, which equals money. Adobe ColdFusion development license is free, but the production license does cost money.

Download CFCentOS7 VirtualBox image. (zip, 5gb compressed, 11gb expanded)

Download VirtualBox


After launching the VM you will get a shell.

  • Login: root|coldfusion – all other passwords are also coldfusion
  • After login: startx
  • After GNOME starts, read the file README on desktop for configuration info.
  • Firefox is installed. Lucee admin, and a sample website are bookmarked.
  • CFEclipse and IBM DataStudio are under Applications>Programming. Both are preconfigured for the SAMPLE database and website.
  • Open the default project for CFEClipse and get tinkering.

1-10-2017 Update: Reduced disk size by removing some unneeded apps, added some development tools, converted to VBox image, and added VBox tools.

If you want a portable Lucee with MySQL, that’s here.

And here’s another Linux Lucee VM (~700MB) for VirtualBox